Arcadia Awards

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This is a community devoted to recognizing all the wonderful Joan of Arcadia icon-makers out there! It is run by me, eronn_actually, and wannablessedbe. It is done in the same format as alias_awards, which was inspired by btvs_awards.

The categories that you may nominate icons in are:
State of Grace: non-animated icons
Touch Move: animated icons
AP Chem: pairings/shipper icons
Omniscient: icons using quotes from the show
Recreation: icons using song lyrics
Subdefectives: bases/no text
One Of Us-Group Icon or non-relationship icon of 2 or more people.
Death Be Not Whatever-Emotional icons
Bringeth it on-Best humorous or funny icon
The Devil Made me Do it-Most Unique
The Boat-Best Cropping
The Uncertainty Principle-Best icon of God in one of his forms. (cute boy god, little girl god, etc)

And the rules are:
1. You are only allowed to nominate six icons during each nomination period.
2. For every icon of your own that you nominate, you must nominate one that was made by someone else.
3. No nominating an icon that has already been nominated.
4. You may nominate icons Monday-Friday. I will stop taking submissions at 8PM EST on Friday.
5. Voting will be held Friday night through Sunday. I will close the poll around 8PM EST on Sunday.
6. Do not take icons for your personal use that have been nominated here. Go to arcadia_icons if you want to find icons you may use.
7. You may not vote for yourself, although you may vote for someone else in a category you were nominated in if you so choose.

The first week of nominations has started, just be sure to follow the rules. Voting will begin around Friday, March 12 after 8PM EST. Tell your friends!